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Hectograph Ink

Hectograph Ink


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Eectograph Ink (Hectograph Ink) from Spalding & Rogers is a transfer ink for creating hand-painted stencils. The bright purple ink produces crisp, clear stencils.
The advantage of hand-drawn stencils is that you can create original designs with the taste of a brush pen or fountain pen. In this case, it is convenient to use "Japanese type paper" for the transfer paper.
Note that the ink used here is highly concentrated, so it will be quite thick if used undiluted. When using it, please add 20-30% water and dilute it before use.

Capacity: 15 ml (1/2 oz.)
Manufacturer: Spaulding & Rogers Mfg.

◎Spalding & Rogers (Spaulding & Rogers) is a tattoo supplier that has been providing high quality tattoo supplies for professionals since 1956. Most of our products are manufactured at our factory in Buaheesville, New York.
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