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This is a roll version of the "Classic Thermal" stencil paper, which is compatible with all thermal copiers. The quality is the same as the "Classic Thermal", with the same high quality and vivid detail.
The special feature of this roll version is that it is 30 meters long. The roll version features a length of 30 meters, so it can be cut to any size, from small to large, and used as needed. This is efficient because it eliminates waste and reduces costs.
Cut designs should be placed between carriers that match the size of your thermal copier; for older thermal copiers manufactured by 3M, use the blue carrier.
Also, use in conjunction with Spirit's Transfer Cream stencil transfer cream (Transfer Cream) to activate the wax and make colors sharper and brighter. The wax will not fade easily and last longer, so you can concentrate on your work without having to touch up every time.
Spirit's products, both stencil paper and transfer cream, are vegan friendly. They are safe for use on most skin types.

Size: Width 216 mm x Length 30,480 mm (30 meters)
Manufacturer: Spirit™.
Country of manufacture: U.S.A.

◎Spirit™ has been developing the highest quality stencil products for the professional tattooist and has been manufacturing them all in the USA since 1948.

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