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Chemical integrator for autoclaves

Chemical integrator for autoclaves


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The "chemical integrator" is used to confirm that the autoclave (high-pressure steam sterilizer) has properly met the sterilization requirements.
By placing the integrator in the sterilization pack along with the sterilized product, it is possible to monitor whether the sterilization process has reached the appropriate level of temperature, time, and presence/absence of steam. temperature, time, and presence/absence of steam required for the sterilization process. This is Type 5, which responds to all sterilization conditions. It has a narrower tolerance range and can monitor sterilization more precisely.

If the temperature and time required for sterilization have reached the correct values, a black line will extend across the surface and reach the "ACCEPT" zone; if any of the sterilization conditions are not met, the line will stop in the "REJECT" area. If the instrument does not pass, it must be sterilized again.

Compared to the indicator, which judges by color change, the black line stands out more clearly, so it is possible to make a reliable judgment without overlooking autoclave sterilization defects.

Guideline for acceptance conditions
121°C → 23.3 min
132°C → 2.3 min.

Quantity: 100/500 pcs.
Size: Length 51 mm × Width 19 mm
Expiration date: 5 years from the date of manufacture
International Standard ISO11140 Chemical Indicator Standard: Type 5
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