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Cover Sheet

Cover Sheet


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This "Cover Sheet" is a curing sheet with adhesive tape that prevents stains from ink and other contaminants and also serves as a measure to prevent infection.

A standard curing tape, "Piolan Adhesive Tape" is attached to one end of the ultra-thin polyethylene "curing sheet (poly sheet). Since the sheet and tape are integrated into one curing material, it is much more efficient than preparing each material separately, and is very convenient for curing large areas such as floors.

It is very easy to apply. Apply the tape to the area to be cured, and when finished, stretch the polyethylene sheet. Tape the edges of the polyethylene sheet and the curing is complete. The tape and polyethylene sheet can be cut almost vertically by hand, and scissors can be used to cut cleanly without pulling. In addition, Piolan adhesive tape not only has strong adhesive strength, but also does not leave adhesive residue when peeling off.

Two sizes are available. Both are 25 m long, but there are two types of sheet widths, 1.1 m and 2.1 m. You can choose the type that best suits the area and purpose of the area to be cured.

Curing is an important process to prevent contamination of the treatment room. We hope you will take advantage of the "Cover Sheet," which allows anyone to easily perform masking work while improving work speed and reducing labor.

Size: Length 25 m × Width 1100 mm (1.1 m) / 2100 mm (2.1 m)
Material: Polyethylene (translucent)
Tape: Piolan
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