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Thermal Tattoo Transfer Papers (for thermal printers)

Thermal Tattoo Transfer Papers (for thermal printers)


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The "Classic Thermal" type of Spirit™ stencil paper is compatible with all thermal copiers.
Using the highest quality materials developed for professional tattooists, the stencil paper allows for the finest details to be transferred to the skin in sharp, clear designs with great vibrancy and detail.
The highly visible purple dye with wax blended matrix is vegan friendly (no animal derived ingredients and guaranteed not to be tested on animals) and safe for use on most skin types.
We hope you will experience the wonderful comfort of this trusted brand.

1 box: 100 sheets
Size: A4 (W 210 mm x H 297 mm)
Compatible with all thermal copiers
Certified vegan friendly
Made in the U.S.A.

◎Spirit™ has developed the highest quality stencil products for professional tattooists and has been manufacturing them entirely in the USA since 1948.
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