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Ganesha 86 | Hydrogenated Chlorine Dioxide

Ganesha 86 | Hydrogenated Chlorine Dioxide


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Ganesha Hachiroku 

Ganesha Hachiroku (Ganesh86) is recommended for those who need a quick and thorough sterilization. It quickly removes viruses and bacteria without corroding metal, keeping your studio clean.
It is effective for wiping hard surfaces such as treatment tables, desks/chairs, tables, and other equipment such as pen machines/grips for cartridges/ink caps, as well as water surfaces such as sinks and toilets due to its very low corrosiveness. It is also effective in deodorizing drains.
The main ingredient, "water-derived chlorine dioxide," is a highly safe substance that works by oxidation, not chlorine power, to remove viruses, sanitize bacteria, eliminate odors, and prevent mold and mildew. It is widely used to purify drinking water for airplanes, disinfect tap water, and sterilize food as a food additive.

Main Ingredients
Hydrogenated chlorine dioxide
Citric acid

-Hard surfaces such as treatment tables, desks, chairs, and doorknobs
-Water surfaces such as sinks and toilets
-Wiping down equipment (pen machines/grips for cartridges/ink caps, etc.)
*Not for use on cloths and fabrics.

Handling Instructions
(1) Put A and B in an empty container, cover and let sit for 5 minutes.
(2) Add (1) to 500ml of tap water and complete the process.
Expiration date: Approx. 45 days after opening

◎Dilute with tap water.
◎Please choose a light-shielding 500ml container for use.
◎Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures. ◎Storage in a refrigerator is recommended, but the product's effectiveness will not be affected if you forget to put it in the refrigerator.
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