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Cap Only (Pack of 5)

Cap Only (Pack of 5)


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Cap Only
Cap Only (Pack of 5)

Replacement caps for dropper bottles, which are useful for dividing liquids into small portions and refilling them.
If you notice any deterioration of the cap during use, such as clogging of highly viscous liquids or dryness of the nozzle, you can easily replace the cap.
*Because it is a non-sterile product, be sure to sterilize it with "Ganesha Hachiroku" before use.

Capacity: 1oz (approx. 30ml)
1oz (approx. 30ml) to 2oz (approx. 60ml)
4oz (approx. 120ml) to 8oz (approx. 240ml)

Cap type: (T)Twist Top
(T)Twist Top: Center of photo
This is a twist cap that allows liquid to be drawn out without removing the cap. The transparent cap on the top of the black lid can be opened and closed by turning it. It is characterized by its resistance to leakage even if the bottle falls over.

(R)Red Tip: Right photo
This is a multi-purpose type with a red nozzle cap on the tip for easy pouring. The cap prevents the nozzle from drying out and leaking, and the small but conspicuous color makes it easy to lose.

(C)Black Cap: Left photo
This is a black screw cap. The lid closes tightly, making it useful for stocking and carrying liquids.
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