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Solder set for stainless steel

Solder set for stainless steel


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This convenient set includes a flux for soldering metals such as stainless steel, which is difficult to solder with resin-based flux, and a non-fungible type of solder. The solder is made of lead-contained (eutectic) solder, which has a low melting temperature and good fluidity. The set can be used to make your own needles with stainless steel loose needles.

Flux capacity: 20ml
Use undiluted: Stainless steel / chrome / iron / cast brass / gunmetal
Dilute 5 times with water and use: Copper/brass plate/tinplate/tinplate/tin plate
*Not for use on aluminum

Solder composition without resin: Tin 60
Melting point: 190°C
Solder wire diameter: Φ1.6mm
Solder weight: 20g (1m)
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