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Barrier film tape

Barrier film tape


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A must-have for infection prevention measures, "Barrier Film Tape" is a tape-type barrier film to cover areas and instruments that are or may be frequently touched during procedures. Although thin, it is adhesive and easy to apply, and can be peeled off easily.

Barrier film tape is disposable and should be replaced after each procedure regardless of contamination. After the procedure, peel off all barrier film with hands wearing disposable gloves for cleaning and dispose of the barrier film. If the equipment or instruments can be wiped clean, it is better to wipe the removed areas with alcohol or sodium hypochlorite disinfectant.

Two types of colors are available: blue and white. Long type 180m rolls are perforated every 15cm for easy cutting. There are enough for 1,200 sheets per per perforation cut, making it an excellent cost-effective solution.

Disposable barriers are one of the standard precautions (standard precautions) for infection prevention to protect the health of both clients and tattooists. Regardless of whether you have an infection or not, take precautions to maintain a safe, secure, and clean environment.

Color: Blue / White
Size: 10 cm wide x 180 m long (perforated every 15 cm)
Made in China
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