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Bar Jig

Bar Jig


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This is a special jig for joining a bundled needle to a needle bar.
It is used to solder handmade needles or our ready-made "Head Only" needles to the needle bar.
Two types of brass parts for placing needles are included, one for round (circular) needles and the other for flat (flat) needles. They can be easily replaced with a Phillips screwdriver.
The brass parts for needles have grooves engraved on them to prevent 0.35mm needles from moving, so please place the bundled needles in alignment with the center.
The body has a single groove that matches the size of the needle bar and is designed so that the bar is positioned in the center of the needle. In this case, a rubber band can be applied to hold it in place. Once the needle and bar are correctly positioned, solder them together.

After soldering, be sure to clean the needle so that no flux remains, and autoclave it or sterilize it with Ganesha Hachiroku before use.
Jigs after soldering should also be cleaned of adhered flux to prevent residual corrosive substances that can easily induce rust.

Body material: Aluminum 
Replacement parts for 0.35mm needle: Brass
Flat needles: 3 to 25 needles
Round needles: 3 to 18 needles


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