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Blue Carrier

Blue Carrier


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This is a blue carrier sheet developed for thermal copiers and manufactured by Spirit (Spirit).
Older thermal copiers (3M models) tend to develop hot spots as they get older. Using this blue carrier sheet allows the heat energy to be transmitted evenly throughout the stencil, reducing burns and unevenness in the stencil.
In addition to protecting the stencil paper, it is also effective in preventing performance degradation due to aging of the thermal copier.
We recommend the use of Blue Carrier for those who are using older thermal copiers (3M type).

Size: approx. 240 mm (width) × 370 mm (length)
Manufacturer: Spirit™.

◎Spirit™ has been developing the highest quality stencil products for professional tattooists and manufacturing them all in the U.S.A. since 1948!
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