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Rubber band

Rubber band


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These rubber bands are used to control the vertical movement of the needle bar and to reduce needle shake.
The cut width is approximately 3.0mm and is flat to hold the needle firmly in place. 3 sizes are available, and we recommend that you select a different color for each size to make it easier to fine-tune the strength of the needle bar to your preference.

Material: Natural rubber
Width of cut: approx. 3.0 mm
Thickness: approx. 1.0mm

Size: #12
Color: yellow/red/green/white/violet
Inner diameter: approx. 25mm
Fold diameter: approx. 40mm
Approx. 350 pieces per bag

Color: Red/Green
Inner diameter: approx. 32mm
Fold diameter: approx. 50mm
Approx. 270pcs. per bag

Color: Red
Inner diameter: approx. 38mm
Fold diameter: approx. 60mm
Diameter: approx. 38mm
Approx. 250 pieces per bag

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