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Hex key 2mm

Hex key 2mm


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Among PB SWISS TOOLS, a Swiss hand tool manufacturer with 145 years of history and absolute quality and precision, this hexagonal wrench is the best size for tightening tube grip screws made by Wizard Tattoo Supply Co.
It has a cross handle for easy torque application, and the grip is shaped to fit the palm of the hand. The tool is easy to grasp, so high-precision work can be done with ease.

Size: 2mm 
Shaft length: 60mm
Overall length: 80mm
Matching cap screw: M2.3
Compatible set screw: M4

◎Wizard Tattoo Supply provides quick response to repairs, inspections, and replacement of consumable parts in order to ensure that our products are used carefully and for a long time. We have a full lineup of various spare parts, and our after-sales service is complete.
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