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Flat Needles Jig - 5~25 Needles - Odd base

Flat Needles Jig - 5~25 Needles - Odd base


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This jig for flat needles is for handmade flat needles (flat shaders) with 0.35mm rose needles (loose needles).
There are 25 grooves on the body, and you can make any number of flat needles (odd number) from 3 to 25. It is very convenient because you can easily create a uniform arrangement of needles by simply placing the same number of needles from the center to the left and right.

The tips of the needles can be shaped to your liking according to the application. However, great care should be taken when shaping the needle tips. Uneven needle tips can damage the skin, cause uneven coloring, and greatly affect the finished product. If you are not familiar with delicate work, we recommend the use of separately sold parts. In addition to the "Flat Jig Curve Shaper(Flat)" that straighten the needle tips, "Flat Jig Curve Shaper(curved)" and "magnum jigs" are available for making magnum-curved needles.

Material: Brass 
Needles Size: 0.35mm

  • Odd base for 5~25 Needles



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