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Flat Jig Curve Shaper

Flat Jig Curve Shaper


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Arch Diameter

This brass part is sold separately, which is useful when handmade flat needles (flat shaders) from rose needles (loose needles) using the "Jig for flat needles".
With the needles lined up on the body, you can easily slide this part to even out the tips of the needles. There are either "fan-shaped parts" to give a gentle curve to the line of needles or "flat (straight) parts" to straighten the tips, so please choose the size that best suits your needs.

Size】 【Size
5mm - 8mm
6mm - 9mm
7mm - 10mm
11mm - 16mm
12mm - 17mm
13mm - 18mm
14mm - 19mm
15mm - 20mm
For flat (straight)
*The "Jig for Flat Needle" on the main unit is for 0.35mm (12 gauge).

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