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Wash bottle

Wash bottle


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Cleaning Bottle

The newly developed auto-gas vent (liquid dripping prevention valve) automatically releases gas. Even highly volatile liquids such as ethanol can be stored and used safely without dripping from the tip nozzle.
There is no need to loosen the cap or switch the lever attached to the cap in order to release the gas.
The container should be kept at 30° to 90° to the horizontal. If the container is tilted downward, the liquid will not be stopped due to its structure, and chemical solution will easily seep out through the vent holes of the cap.
When removing the pontoon cap to clean the inside of the container, remove it slowly to avoid losing the ball, ball receiver, and other small parts.

Capacity: 500ml
Weight: 70g
Scale interval: 20ml
Size: 75mm (diameter) x 250mm (height)
Made in Japan

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