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Avenger 2 Pro

Avenger 2 Pro


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Six machines in one!
The Avenger 2 Pro is a hybrid rotary machine with a unique system that allows you to switch between six tattoo modes in just seven seconds.

No need to use a screwdriver or take apart your machine - choose from 3.2/3.5/3.8/4.2/4.7/5.5mm strokes without interrupting your session.

Imagine being able to change the machine you have at hand from super soft to super hard in just seven seconds. Not only will it save you the trouble of having to set up several machines, but it will also lighten your financial burden if one machine has the functionality of six machines.

For example, you may encounter different skin types in one session.
Take the elbow for example. The elbow has tough, thick skin. The surrounding area has average thickness skin, while the inside of the arm on the opposite side has thin, delicate skin. Each area has a different type of skin.

Not only can you easily adjust the settings to suit your exact needs, but it also complements your technique and artistic approach, expanding your range of expression. The Avenger 2 is an all-rounder machine for any style and design.

■6 modes: 3.2: Quickly and easily apply amazing grey wash shading, minimizing damage and irritation to your client's skin.

3.5: For those who prefer a soft machine. Perfect for subtle gray wash shading, color gradation, and soft color packing.

3.8: Best for color gradation and solid color packing, thin and medium thick lines, and whip shading

・4.2: Best for solid packing, solid coloring, medium thickness lines, and whip shading

4.7: For experienced tattooists who can perform solid packing and lines with a large number of needles on any part of the body.

5.5: Crazy mode with super powerful motor. Recommended for experienced master class experimental tattoos such as dot shading and stipple shading.

■Skin Response The unique Skin Response structure allows you to feel the same hit as a conventional coil machine. The needle tip stays on the skin a little longer and is pulled out much faster than a conventional rotary machine. Aim for beautiful coloring with less damage to the skin and less fading.

■Ultra-quiet design with minimal vibrationErgonomic design is emphasized and designed to reduce fatigue and stress.
The wrists and backs are the two body parts that get the most abuse from tattoo artists. You can't do much about your back, but you can probably do something about your wrists.
The Avenger 2 is lightweight at just 135g. The RCA connectors are positioned to ensure that your hand doesn't tire easily, even when using the disposable plastic grip.
It also minimizes vibrations caused by friction and reduces noise, providing a quiet and comfortable experience similar to that of a pen-type device.

■Powerful motor We set out to create the most powerful motor ever to be installed in a tattoo machine. The new M2 high-performance motor has an increased output of 10.5W, which is 1.5 times the power and 1.9 times the torque (rpm) of the previous generation motor.
With this much power, the cartridge needle can operate smoothly even with the long stroke of the low rotation speed 5.5 mode.
A long stroke puts a lot more strain on the motor than a short stroke, especially if it has a stiffer membrane set up, which can wear out an average motor quicker.
The Avenger 2 maintains superior performance and control at both high and low voltage settings.

■As a professional, it is natural to understand the structure of a simple and reliable machine, but tattooists do not need to be machine builders. It is enough to choose good quality cartridges and needles and enjoy the work.
The Avenger 2 is designed for experienced professionals, but is also a dream tool for entry-level tattooists.
If you're a seasoned tattooist, you'll quickly find a mode that works for you, and if you're less experienced, this is a great opportunity to test out all the mode settings, without having to buy multiple machines with different strokes until you find one that works for you.

■Tight Vice: We know that even the small details matter, so we've designed both the plastic grips and the steel grips to tighten equally tightly.

■Durable RCA connector Equipped with a highly durable RCA connector, you don't have to worry about the cord or battery pack coming off the machine.

■Some of our eco-friendly parts are made from recycled aluminum, which is widely used in the aerospace industry. We are committed to recycling all waste from metal processing. In addition, harmful chemicals generated during the coating process of the machine body are properly filtered and purified. No harmful substances are discharged into rivers.

■We do not use excessive packagingWe do not wrap products in unnecessary plastic, vinyl, or styrofoam, and instead use simple, environmentally friendly packaging. Ultimately, we believe that the credibility of a brand lies not in the appearance of the packaging, but in the performance of the product itself.

Weight: 135g
Material: Aerospace grade aluminum Color: Black

◎ Vlad Blad Irons, a tattoo machine manufacturer based in Estonia, a small Nordic country, is a globally recognized brand founded on the principles of trust, innovation and craftsmanship. They offer exceptional tattoo equipment that enhances artistry and creativity, and are committed to providing high-quality, durable products that are not only easy to use.

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