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Max Rodriguez Cadejo

Max Rodriguez Cadejo


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SOLID INK, a company based in Miami, U.S.A., has collaborated with a young Costa Rican hope "Max Rodriguez" to produce this ink. This color is "Cadejo," one of the 12 colors available.
The colors carefully selected by Max Rodriguez are all tropical and exotic shades inspired by the nature and climate of Costa Rica, which is called "the paradise of Central America.
Of course, Solid Ink's highly concentrated pigment blends ensure that the vivid colors will stay on the skin for years to come.

Cadejo is a magical dog that has long appeared in Central American folklore. There are various theories, but it is said that it looks like a dog, but it is not a dog. It has deer-like hooves and blue eyes when it is calm and red eyes when it attacks. Cadejo is said to emerge from the fog at night. I imagined this scene in my mind and chose bluish gray tones.

Capacity: 30ml
・Vegan friendly (contains no animal-derived ingredients and is guaranteed not to be tested on animals)
・Product country: Made in the U.S.A.
*This product does not comply with the EU's REACH regulation, which newly came into effect from 2022 to January 2023, and is therefore banned in 27 countries in the European Union (EU). Please be aware of this!

Solid Ink (SOLID INK) is a Miami-based ink manufacturer founded by tattooist Federico Ferroni.
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