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Capillary - 0.3mm - Liner

Capillary - 0.3mm - Liner


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Cartridge Needles
3 needles - 5 needles - 7 needles
Needle diameter: 0.3mm
Quantity: 20 pcs.
*Can be used on any cartridge machine or grip other than Cheyenne.

This is a new series of sterile needle cartridges from Cheyenne, a German manufacturer that develops and produces high quality tattoo equipment with excellent safety features.
Introduced in February 2021, the "Capillary" cartridge is designed with a special groove at the tip of the cartridge that absorbs ink. It is designed to hold a larger amount of ink than conventional cartridges, resulting in an ink flow that is approximately 10 times longer. As a result, fewer dips into the ink cap are required, resulting in improved work efficiency. Of course, the cleaning action inside the cartridge with purified water is as thorough as ever.
In addition, the needle guidance has been improved so that even with large magnums, ink soaks through the needles evenly, allowing for ultra-precise, all-directional work. Faster and more consistent results will also reduce the burden on the client's skin.

Capillary cartridges have the following features.
Capillary cartridges absorb more ink and achieve approximately 10 times higher ink flow.
・Ultra-precise tattoo needles are used to lengthen ink flow.
・Reduces the burden on the skin by evenly distributing ink on the needles.
Ultra-precise and omni-directional working
Color caps for easy identification of needle shape
∙ 100% thorough quality control by microscope
Patented cartridge safety membrane prevents blood from entering the grips and the resulting cross-contamination.

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