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Cheyenne Ergo-One Inch Disposable Grip HAWK PEN (6pcs.)

Cheyenne Ergo-One Inch Disposable Grip HAWK PEN (6pcs.)


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This is the Ergo-One Inch type of sterile disposable grips developed for Cheyenne's pen-type machines.
It can be attached to HAWK PEN, SOL NOVA, and SOL NOVA UNLIMITED.

The ergonomic shape and size, and above all the soft material, make it fit snugly in the hand. Cartridge needles can be exchanged quickly and the needle position can be easily adjusted by simply turning the grip.
The grips are individually packaged in a hygienic and safe sterile condition. The cover is only for the machine body; the grips do not need to be covered.

How to use D-Grips

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