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Cobra Blazing Gold Grip 37mm バッテリー1個

Cobra Blazing Gold Grip 37mm バッテリー1個


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Ink Machines' Cobra is a pen-type machine with a dedicated wireless power supply. This is one of the aluminum grips in the series that fits standard cartridge needles.
The Powerpack, Cobra's dedicated power supply, runs for 5 to 8 hours on a 90-minute charge. Power on/off, battery level check, and voltage settings can be controlled by on-board buttons.
It can also be paired via Bluetooth by installing a dedicated application. It also pairs with an optional footswitch.
To adjust the stroke or give, use the included tool to rotate the dial located in the grip. Needle depth is adjusted by rotating the power pack.
If you wish to connect to RCA cables, an RCA adapter (sold separately) is required. Various other optional parts are available to customize the unit to your own preference.

Voltage: 0 to 12V DC
Weight: 200 to 270g (depending on grip selection)
Stroke adjustment: 3mm/3.5mm/4mm
Needle adjustment: 0 to 4mm
Maximum needle size: 27 Mag
◎Hexagonal wrench kit, oil lubricant, USB-C cable (1m) for charging included.

InkMachines is a Swedish tattoo supplier that develops, tests, and manufactures its own products in cooperation with professional tattoo artists.

Power Pack Features

Stroke Adjustment

Gib Adjustment

Manual (English)

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