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Cobra Disposable Grip 37MM

Cobra Disposable Grip 37MM


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These disposable rubber grips are precision-made for InkMachines' Cobra pen-type machines. 10 grips per box. Each grip is individually packaged and sterilized for immediate use. They are hygienic, safe, and secure, allowing for efficient treatment at conventions and other events.
The grip size is 37 mm for a comfortable grip and can be used with both regular and neo cartridge needles.
Cobra's grips are bayonet type, which are held firmly in place by a claw-shaped stopper for a better fit with the machine body. Compared to screw-type grips, these grips are easier to attach and detach and harder to dislodge.
This makes it possible to quickly adjust the needle depth by turning the battery, not the grip. Also, even if the grip is removed, the set needle depth remains the same.

Diameter: 37 mm
Weight: 25g
Capacity: 10 pieces (individually wrapped/sterilized)
Made in Sweden

InkMachines is a Swedish tattoo supplier that develops, tests and manufactures its own products in cooperation with professional tattoo artists.
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