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Disposable Apron

Disposable Apron


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Disposable paper aprons. The size is a rectangular type measuring 33 x 45 cm.
Originally developed as a dental apron for dental use, this product can be conveniently used as a sheet or cover for pillows, cushions, and armrests when used in a tattoo studio.
The material is 100% pulp specification, with a water-absorbent surface and a waterproofed double-layer backing. It is also embossed for enhanced cushioning and a soft feel.
Seven colors are available, including a smoky neutral color. The elegant and calm atmosphere of these stylish colors can be easily harmonized in both Japanese and Western-style rooms.

Size: 33 cm x 45 cm
Color: yellow/green/rose/peach/lavender/sky blue/gray
Quantity: 500 sheets (50 sheets per bag x 10 packs)
Made in China
Please note that colors may vary slightly depending on the lot.

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