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FK Irons Gorilla Click Ergo Grip - 1.5" Black

FK Irons Gorilla Click Ergo Grip - 1.5" Black


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FK Irons Gorilla Click Ergo Grip - 1.5" Black

The Gorilla Click Ergo Grip is a cartridge grip from FK Irons.
The conventional "Click Ergo" series had a tapered grip diameter of 25mm to 32mm, but this is a thicker type with a grip diameter of 32mm to 39mm. If you find the larger grip easier to hold and less fatigue during treatment, "Gorilla" is recommended.

After use, it can be easily disassembled into four parts without tools. The part that serves as the body of the grip is made of anodized aircraft aluminum and can be autoclaved. Other plastic parts may be deformed when autoclaved, so sterilization with "Ganesha Hachiroku (water-derived chlorine dioxide)" is recommended.

One drive bar (92 mm) is included and can be used with all types of machines. It is especially compatible with our original rotary machine "Quinke". Needle output can be adjusted from 0 to 4 mm by simply twisting the grip.

Color: black
Diameter: 32mm-39mm
Needle output adjustment: 0 to 4mm
1 drive bar included (autoclavable)

◎ FK Irons (FK Irons) is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art tattoo machines and devices, founded in Miami by tattoo artist and machine builder Gaston Siciliano.
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