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FK Irons LightningBolt Uni Battery Pack-Single Pack

FK Irons LightningBolt Uni Battery Pack-Single Pack


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FK Iron's "Lightning Bolt Uni" is a battery pack and power supply with RCA jacks. From power supply to various settings, this single unit makes it easy.
It can be connected to any RCA jack type machine, not just FK Iron's machines. The jacks are securely fastened so they will not come loose or fall out, ensuring safe use as a wireless machine. In addition, although it is small and lightweight (58g), it has a well-balanced center of gravity and can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust to the desired position.
Operation is very simple with only three buttons. Settings can be checked with LED indicators. The voltage setting is checked by pressing the up/down arrow buttons, the 5-12 colors displayed at the top, and the color of the LED in the center. Flashing means +0.5V.
eGIVE, which adjusts the needle tip hit pressure, can be set from 0 to 5. To check the setting, press and hold the power button until it turns from white to blue. Release the power button and the LED color flashes white = 0 (no effect) / flashes yellow = 1/ flashes orange = 2 / flashes red = 3 / flashes pink = 4 / flashes green = 5 (softest setting).
The battery runs for up to 10 hours on a full 1.5 hour charge. To check battery level, press and hold the power button; by LED color, green = 100-97% / yellow = 96-40% / orange 39-3% / flashing red = 3-0% (charge required).
The charging cord is USB Type-C, so it can be charged from any USB-C power source, including cars, airports, laptops, and battery packs. It is also easy to take with you when guest working or attending conventions. No cords or footswitches are needed, so the work environment is neat and clean.

Voltage: 5 to 12V
Weight: 58g
Size: 55.25mm x 53mm
・Charging: Max. 10 hours (depends on needle type, pressure, and speed)
◎USB-C charging cable included / Darklab app compatible via Bluetooth

Irons (FK Irons) is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art tattoo machines and devices founded in Miami by tattoo artist and machine builder Gaston Siciliano.

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