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Flux Max ULTRA Bundle - 3.2mm Blade

Flux Max ULTRA Bundle - 3.2mm Blade

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The FK Iron "Flux Max" is equipped with the new and improved PowerBolt II, a wireless, state-of-the-art technology that learns user preferences from ink type to tip/needle, pressure level, and setting selection. The PowerBolt II is a wireless machine equipped with state-of-the-art technology that learns user preferences from ink type to tip/needle, pressure level and setting selection.

While conventional PowerBottle II machines use LED lamp colors to confirm settings, the PowerBolt II features a digital display with a menu of options that can be set entirely through the PowerBolt II, without the need to connect to the Darklab app.

The display screen shows power level (Hertz/volt), battery level, eGive level, Bluetooth, and timer. To operate, simply press the three buttons. To first display the menu screen, press and hold the red button in the center for 3 seconds. Then use the up and down buttons to select an option, and press the red button in the center to confirm. The screen orientation can also be selected for left-handed artists.

◎Power Level
For greater accuracy, both Hertz (transformer) and Volts (voltage) are displayed. In this case, you can choose whether the main display is in hertz or volts. Volts can be adjusted from 4 to 12V in increments of 0.1 or 0.5

This function allows the user to set the hit pressure in 3 levels: 1 = soft, 2 = medium, 3 = hard, and 0 = disabled.

When Bluetooth is turned on, it pairs with FK Iron's wireless footswitch (Killswitch Wireless Footswitch). When using a footswitch other than the compatible product, turn it OFF to save power.

Recommended for artists who work by the hour. Session time can be recorded and a stop timer can be set.

The battery fully charges in 2 hours and allows the machine to run for an average of 5-6 hours. The included USB-C charging cable is for charging only. Wired (wired) use is not possible with the cable connected.

The PowerBolt Two is compatible with FK Iron's Flux Max/Flux/FluxS/EXO machines, grips, batteries (PowerBolt/PowerBolt+), and wireless footswitch (Killswitch).

The grip rotates clockwise to increase needle depth and counterclockwise to decrease needle depth. With each turn, a ratchet click is heard and the needle moves by 0.2 mm.

To protect the machine, the use of barrier products is strongly recommended. Grips can be autoclaved after use.



Voltage: 4 to 12V
Frequency: 66 to 199Hz
Body size: 58 mm (diameter) x 126 mm (length)
Body weight: approx. 205g

Includes 1 PowerBolt II
Size: 30.5 mm (diameter) x 58.5 mm (length)
Weight: 30g
Charging: USB-C

FK Irons, founded in Miami by tattoo artist and machine builder Gaston Siciliano, is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art tattoo machines and devices.

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