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Grandline 3

Grandline 3


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The original Grandline 3, manufactured by Wizard T.S., is a rotary machine with an all handmade frame.
Equipped with a high-performance motor from the Swiss company Maxon Motor, this direct-drive machine offers slow, powerful up-and-down movement of the needle, making it ideal for 5- to 7-needle lines, dot work, and color packing.
The machine has a strong character and is intended for advanced users who can adjust the speed with hand movements.

Frame: Steel
Stroke: approx. 3.5mm
・Weight: 181g
Voltage: 6 to 9v
Motor: Maxon Motor 12V.
Rotation per minute: 10,000rpm (6w)

◎"Grand Line" is made in Japan, hand-finished by craftsmen for safety and reliability! To ensure that our products are used carefully and for a long time, we respond promptly to repairs, inspections, and replacement of consumable parts, and provide full after-sales service.
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