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Inkjecta - Flite Nano Elite - Stealth

Inkjecta - Flite Nano Elite - Stealth


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Inkjecta - Flite Nano Elite - Polished Brass

InkJecta's Flite Nano cartridge rotary machine is available in three versions, of which the Flite Nano Elite is the flagship product.
The frame of the Brass version is a beautifully polished brass with a shiny gold color, giving it a sexy look. It is slightly heavier and absorbs more noise and vibration.
This one has a new custom-designed nanotechnology brushless motor with no startup delay, transitioning from the motor in the previous machine. When the machine is turned on, the internal LED light glows.
Although powerful, the body is ultra-compact and lightweight. The side bumpers to dampen vibration and the cam covers are removable and replaceable. It is convenient to customize the color of the machine for different applications.
The patented push bar comes with a black semi-rigid bar as well as three types of torsion bars: soft, medium, and hard with a unique twist. In addition, the patented torsion drive system allows the user to change the "give" or the strength with which the needle strikes the skin by changing the push bar.
The cam for adjusting the stroke is a standard 3.25 mm type. To change the stroke, the cam must be replaced. A wide range of optional cams (2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0 mm) are available to select the desired stroke.
The grips are compatible with most cartridge grips, including Cheyenne "Adjustable Flex Grips" and FK Iron "RPG Click Grips", in addition to inkjetor products.

Polished Brass
Body color: Gold
Bumper and cam cover: Black and clear
Voltage: 4.5-18v
Weight: 98g
Stroke: 3.25mm standard cam
Power supply: RCA cable

Carbon rigid bar
Soft torsion bar
Medium torsion bar
Hard torsion bar
Spare screws
Special hexagonal wrench
Inox MX6 (lubricant)
Storage case
Setup manual included (English)

*CAM sold separately: InkJecta - X1 & Nano Cam Pack

InkJecta is an Australian tattoo equipment manufacturer founded by tattoo artists and studio owners Byron and Chris. Their motto is to develop and manufacture products by tattoo artists for tattoo artists.

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