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Jenos Red

Jenos Red


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The Jenos is an original rotary machine manufactured by Wizard Tattoo Supply (Wizard T.S.).
The high performance motor used in Jenos is manufactured by Maxon Motor of Switzerland. The speedy up-and-down movement of the needle makes it ideal for single-needle line work, fine three-needle lines, and black-and-gray and Chicano style shading and color packing.
It also features an adjustable give, and can be tuned to the desired hit pressure by rotating the gray screw at the top of the frame, tightening the screw to hard and loosening it to soft.
Since this is not an all-round machine, it is one for advanced users who can control the machine's movements with their own hands.

Frame: Aluminum (anodized)
∙ Stroke: 3.6mm
Weight: 184g
Voltage: 8-10v
Motor: Maxon Motor 12V.
Rotation per minute: 10,000rpm (6w)

◎"Jenos" is made in Japan, hand-finished by craftsmen for safety and reliability! To ensure that our products are used carefully and for a long time, we respond promptly to repairs, inspections, and replacement of consumable parts, and we provide full after-sales service.

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