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Kyoday Skin Marker Flex Tip

Kyoday Skin Marker Flex Tip


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KYŌDAI COMPANY has developed a brush pen type skin marker.
This type has an elastic flex-tip nib. The ink color is a dark purple gentian violet.

The felt tip of the pen is made of a soft material that flexes flexibly in response to writing pressure, allowing the user to draw lines of various thicknesses with great expressiveness. It feels just like a brush pen.

Because it is uniquely designed for tattooing, the ink flow is stable and the stencil stays firmly in place on the skin.

It is ideal for freehand designs, outlining shapes and letters, and creating unique ideas or creating new ones, from delicate details to wide, dynamic lines.

Soft-tips and firm-tips are also available.

Nib: Elastic flex-tip (FLEX-TIP)
Color: Gentian violet
Capacity: 5 pens per box

◎Brothers Company (KYŌDAI COMPANY) sells skin markers exclusively for tattooing, developed by Hendo san and Nick Alvarez after much trial and error since 2019.
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