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Kyoday Skin Marker Soft Tip

Kyoday Skin Marker Soft Tip


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KYŌDAI COMPANY has developed a brush pen type skin marker.
This type has a SOFT-TIP, which is softer than the Flex-Tip.
The ink comes in two colors, golden yellow and emerald green, and you can choose your favorite color.

The felt-tip pen with a soft material used for the nib provides a smooth and fluid drawing experience. It flexes more flexibly than the Flex Tip, allowing you to draw lines of a wider range of thicknesses as you apply more pressure.
The bright but subdued colors are useful for bold freehand drafts, intricate line drawings, extensive fills, and more. Ideal for creating unique ideas or creating new ones.

Pen tip: Soft tip (SOFT-TIP)
Color: Golden yellow / Emerald green
Capacity: 5 pens per box

◎Brothers Company (KYŌDAI COMPANY) sells skin markers specially designed for tattooing, developed by Hendo san and Nick Alvarez after much trial and error since 2019.
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