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Max Rodriguez Colors Set 12 Colors Set 1oz Solid Ink

Max Rodriguez Colors Set 12 Colors Set 1oz Solid Ink


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SOLID INK's collaborative ink series now includes a set of 12 colors featuring Max Rodriguez, Costa Rica's promising young hope.
Max Rodriguez is the fifth collaborator in the world and the first Latin American, following Chris Garver, Tim Hendricks, Horitomo, and Victor Chil. Max Rodriguez is the first Latin American collaborator.
Max Rodriguez has carefully selected tropical and exotic colors inspired by the nature and climate of Costa Rica, the "paradise of Central America.
Of course, Solid Ink's highly concentrated pigment blends ensure that the vivid colors will stay on the skin for many years to come.
*This product does not comply with the EU's REACH regulation, which newly came into effect from 2022 to January 2023, and is therefore banned in 27 countries in the European Union (EU). Please be aware of this!

[Contents of the set
1) Papaya (Papaya)
Unmistakably the distinctive color of ripe papayas. The color of papaya immediately reminds us of the unique tropical landscape.

Maracuya means passion fruit. Passion fruit is so popular in Latin America. The yellowish orange color of this fruit is enough to captivate anyone's heart.

Heredia is one of the seven provinces of Costa Rica. Heredia, where Max Rodriguez was born and raised, is known as a flower town because of the beautiful orange flowers that adorn the cityscape.

4) Tico red
Costa Rican men call themselves Ticos, and are also nicknamed Ticos by people from other countries. For Costa Ricans, red is a special color that is also used in the national flag. This "Costa Rican red" is as strong and passionate as its homeland.

5) Guaria
The guaria is a beautiful purple orchid and the national flower of Costa Rica. Its vivid purple color attracts all who see it.

6) Pinchi
Pinchi is the nickname of my beloved daughter. She chose this color, so I named it after her. It is a mix of calm blue and violet with a unique atmosphere.

(7) Cadejo
Cadejo is a demon dog that appears in folklore that has been passed down for a long time in Central America. There are various theories, but it is said that it looks like a dog, but it is not a dog. It has hoofs like a deer, and its eyes are blue when it is calm and red when it attacks. Cadejo is said to emerge from the fog at night. Imagining this scene in my mind, I chose bluish gray tones.

8) Jaguar
The jaguar is the largest feline inhabiting Central and South America. It is a sacred animal that has been deified and worshipped by many cultures in Central and South America since ancient times.

One of the most exotic fruits in Latin America. Its fruit takes on a deep green color in its early stages of ripening. This expresses the acidity and deep hue of the fruit at that time.

10) Chirripo
At 3,820 meters above sea level, Chirripo is the highest mountain in Costa Rica. When viewed from afar, the unique gray-green color of the rock surface and the green of the forest is impressive. It is especially beautiful and imposing at sunset.

Cas (11)
Cas is a typical Costa Rican fruit. It is also known as Costa Rican guava. Inspired by the fruit that has been a favorite of mine since childhood, I expressed the fresh acidity and color tones characteristic of cas.

Cahuita is the name of a beach facing the Caribbean Sea, located near the border with Panama. It is widely known for its clear turquoise waters. The color of such a beautiful sea has been incorporated into the ink.

Capacity: 30ml
Set of 12
Original custom bag by Max Rodriguez
Vegan friendly (contains no animal-derived ingredients and is guaranteed not to be tested on animals)
・Product country: Made in the U.S.A.

◎ SOLID INK is a Miami-based ink manufacturer founded by tattooist Federico Ferroni.

Max Rodriguez: Biography.
The Republic of Costa Rica (commonly known as Costa Rica), a small country in Central America, has a land area about the size of Kyushu and Shikoku combined, bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, with three mountain ranges running through the center. Costa Rica is famous for its rich tropical rainforests, 25% of which are designated as national parks and nature reserves, and for being the setting for the movie "Jurassic Park.
Max Rodriguez, born and raised in Costa Rica, was fascinated by tattoos from an early age. After entering the Faculty of Plastic Arts at the Universidad de Costa Rica, he taught himself about tattoos and passionately dreamed of becoming a tattooist.
However, the tattoo scene in Costa Rica at that time was quite closed and it was very difficult to recognize someone's talent or share knowledge. There were times when he felt frustrated, yet he never gave up on his dream.
Over time, he began working with rich colors and developed a bold, colorful, pop style. As his work gained recognition in Costa Rica, he continued to research and refine his style, seeking to attract international attention.
At the same time, he gave tattoo seminars in several Latin American countries, where he generously shared his knowledge and experience. He also worked hard to provide solutions for tattooists to improve their work.
Such perseverance and diligence to improve day by day has led him to meet some of the greatest world class tattooists.
Max is currently a resident artist at Love Hate Tattoos (aka Miami Ink), one of the best studios in the world, owned by Ami James, home of the famous TV show "Miami Ink". and is working as a resident artist.
He says of this, "As a kid sitting on the couch watching TV, I never imagined that the main character, Ami James, would ask me to work in his studio. The dream came true, and he grabbed the American dream through tattooing by his own hard work and ability.
With over a million followers on TikTok and Instagram, Max Rodriguez's profile is now a source of inspiration for many.
Max has another dream. It is to establish a foundation for tattooing in Costa Rica and other Latin American countries.
There are people who are very good artistically, but they lack the basic knowledge to improve their skills," he says. For this reason, he has set himself the goal of continuing to grow and improve and dedicating all the knowledge he has cultivated to the tattooists of the future.
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