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Musotoku Battery Pack

Musotoku Battery Pack


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This set of two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries is a replacement for MUSOTOKU's ROVER R-1 (3.5mm) and ROVER R-1 (RCA) wireless batteries.
It can be used as a reliable replacement for batteries when you need an additional spare battery for long sessions, when the battery that was originally included is nearing the end of its useful life, or when you have inadvertently lost it.

Weight: 26g
Size: 18.3mm x 35mm
Battery capacity: 1400mAh
Model: F14 (INR 18350)
Maximum discharge current: 3A
Top shape: Flat top
*Charging adapter not included

◎MUSOTOKU is a tattoo product and accessory manufacturer focused on long-lasting, high-performance products. Each product is carefully assembled by hand in our workshop in Madrid, Spain.
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