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Musotoku Magnetic Stand

Musotoku Magnetic Stand


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Foldable Magnetic Mount

The Foldable Magnetic Mount is ideal for mounting MUSOTOKU's power supply "MACHETE MK-1" on a metal surface.
The base of the stand has three strong magnets to hold it firmly to a metal surface. 180° rotation allows it to be used at any angle, and its foldable design makes it compact and easy to use. The foldable design allows for compact storage and easy transportation.

Magnets: 3 pcs.
Magnetic force: Up to 30 kg possible
Material: Hygienic steel surface
Color: matte black
◎Compatible with GoPro tripods and accessories

Magnetic Mount

MUSOTOKU is a tattoo product and accessory manufacturer focused on long-lasting, high-performance products. Each product is carefully assembled by hand in their workshop in Madrid, Spain.
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