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Neuma 4 Meteorite Anodize Aluminum 38mm

Neuma 4 Meteorite Anodize Aluminum 38mm


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CAM Stroke
Color: Meteorite
Grip material: Aluminum (anodized)
Stroke: 2.75mm/3.6mm
Diameter: 38mm
Weight: 168g
Length: 90mm
Output: 8.5W
Voltage: 4.5-9v
Needle adjustment: 0 to 7mm
・Power supply: RCA cable (battery compatible)
4 interchangeable cams, hexagonal wrench, lubricant (1 drop of lubricant in the hole on the back side of the cam every 50 to 100 hours) included
Autoclavable, compatible with Modus and MACRO

Neuma has developed a new style of pen rotary machine by overcoming the shortcomings of conventional rotary machines and utilizing the advantages of coil machines. This is the initial model "Neuma Four (Neuma 4)", known as Generation 1 (Generation 1).
The grips are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and weights, allowing you to choose the type that suits you best. In addition, cams and bearing arms can be easily customized to suit your taste and style.

◎Four cams with different stroke cycles
Technological innovations control the movement of the cams to shorten the time the needle stays on the skin (dwell time) in one stroke. The needle operates speedily with precise power to avoid excessive damage to the skin. Four cams with different stroke cycles are included and can be easily interchanged to suit your preferred style. The lower the percentage of the cam, the faster the hand movement. Higher percentages are suited for slower hand movements.
20% cam (liner): Ideal for lines with fast hand movement.
28% Cam (Shedder): Ideal for fast shading and color blending.
33% cam (blender): Ideal for soft blacks and grays, and slow shading with ink blending and layering.
40% cam (packer): Ideal for slow hand fills and color packing of blacks and grays

◎Simple construction and versatile grips
Design design focuses on maximizing output based on a small, balanced system. The center of gravity is moved closer to the needle side to reduce hand strain and support comfortable tattooing. Needle adjustment is made by turning a knob on the top. The grips are designed to cover the entire machine and prevent cross-contamination. The machine's simple construction makes it easy to barrier. The grips are made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, making them autoclavable and pasteurizable. Maximum consideration is given to a hygienic environment.

◎Two types of bearing arms
You can control the needle hit (striking force) according to your preference or ideal style of work. Standard equipped is an all-round brass bearing arm (weight: 5g). If you want to change to a softer hit, you can replace it with an aluminum bearing arm (weight: 1 g), which is sold separately. For delicate line work, gray shading, and multi-pass color blending, we recommend the aluminum bearing arm.

Neuma (Neuma) is a manufacturer in Thousand Oaks, California, USA, that produces and sells machines developed by tattoo artist and machine designer Carson Hill. Working with talented engineers and artists, Neuma is constantly improving and engineering futuristic tattoo equipment that is high quality and high performance, yet hygienic and reliable.
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