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Neuma 4 Modus・Macro Grip 33mm

Neuma 4 Modus・Macro Grip 33mm


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This is a replacement grip for Neuma's Neuma 4 Modus tattoo machine.
The diameter is 33mm and there are 4 different colors and materials to choose from.

Diameter: 33mm
- Copper / Aluminum / 62g 
- Mitiolite / Aluminum / 62g
- Silver / Aluminum / 62g 
- Silver / Stainless steel / 170g

Neuma is a manufacturer located in Thousand Oaks, California, USA, that produces and sells machines developed by tattoo artist and machine designer Carson Hill. Working with talented engineers and artists, Neuma is constantly improving and engineering futuristic tattoo equipment that is high quality and high performance, yet hygienic and reliable.
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