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Neuma 5 FLEX Wireless

Neuma 5 FLEX Wireless


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Neuma is proud to introduce the long-awaited Neuma 5 FLEX wireless machine. After nearly a year of design and development, the machine's structure and parts have been redesigned to create the best possible machine.

The battery is equipped with Critical's magnetic V3 battery, which provides smooth and stable power. Smooth and stable power keeps the machine running for a long time. The 1.5" color display screen is easy to read and operate while working.

NuMa machines are known for their unique machine development, which overcomes the disadvantages of rotary machines with the goal of taking advantage of the benefits of coil machines. The Pneuma 5 is a new and improved version of the previous model, lighter, more compact, and more comfortable.

The new transfer case design separates the drive system so that the cartridge receiver is steadily raised and lowered, and the ultra-low center of gravity improves needle stability. Vibration and sound are reduced accordingly. In addition, the cam has been redesigned and is easier to replace than ever before. The spring has been removed from the grip to allow for the use of disposable grips or autoclaves, making it easier to use.

As before, four cams with different stroke cycles are available, with the lower percentages suited for faster hand movements and the higher percentages for slower hand movements. Technological innovations control the movement of the cams to reduce the amount of time the needle stays on the skin in one stroke (dwell time). The needle operates speedily with precise power and does not cause excessive damage to the skin.

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Length: 130mm
Diameter: 33mm
Weight: 230g
Output: 8W
Torque: 6.7mNm

Stroke: 3.6mm
Stroke profile: 4 types (20%, 28%, 33%, 40%)
20% cam (liner): Ideal for lines with fast hand movement
28% cam (shader): Ideal for high-speed shading and color blending
33% cam (blender): Ideal for soft blacks and grays, slow shading with ink blending and layering
40% cam (packer): Ideal for slow hand fills and color packing in all blacks and grays.
Hexagonal wrench and lubricant (lubricate one drop in the hole on the back side of the cam every 50 to 100 hours) included.

◎Neuma is a manufacturer located in Thousand Oaks, California, USA, that produces and sells machines developed by tattoo artist and machine designer Carson Hill. Working with talented engineers and artists, Carson Hill is constantly improving and engineering futuristic tattoo equipment that is high quality, high performance, hygienic, and reliable.

◎Critical is a supplier of electronic tattoo equipment in the small city of Reno, Nevada, USA.

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