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Chris Garver 12 Colors Set 1oz Solid Ink

Chris Garver 12 Colors Set 1oz Solid Ink


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This is a set of 10 colors from the "OLD PIGMENTS" series by SOLID INK, a company based in Miami, USA.
Old Pigments" is a set of 10 colors from the "Old Pigments" series by SOLID INK, which uses "old-fashioned pigments" in high concentration to reproduce the tattoo colors of the good old days.
The primary pigments used in recent years, such as orange and brown, tend to fade after years of exposure to the sun, but this series takes a different approach by using pigments that are stable and colorfast with modern manufacturing methods.
Instead of using orange, magenta, brown, and violet as a base, for example, we combine red and yellow for orange, and red, yellow, green, and black for brown. This is a process and blend based on many years of experience.

◎ This product does not comply with the EU's REACH regulation, which newly came into effect from 2022 to January 2023, and is therefore banned in 27 European Union (EU) countries. Please be aware of this!

[Contents of the set
A plain and simple red with vivid and punchy coloration. It makes an impact on all styles, including traditional and neo-traditional, that require a striking red color.

The ultimate golden yellow, a new level version of "Eldorado," one of the most popular colors among Solid Ink's products. The rich and glossy color creates a sense of luxury and glamour.

3) Jade (JADE)
A mysterious green named after "jade," a gemstone characterized by its deep green color. The high concentration of pigments in this shade gives it a creamy viscosity that produces a deep, intense color.

4) Old Brown
Old brown is a blend of red, yellow, green, and black without using any brown pigments, which tend to fade easily. The rich and warm tones of this brown have a caramel-like reddish tone. It can capture the essence of the good old days in your work.

5) Blue Fifteen (BLUE 15)
Blue pigment has been a staple in tattoo ink since it was first introduced, but it is now a "notorious blue ink" because it is on the banned list under the new REACH regulation in the EU. Blue pigments are low in toxicity, and there is no data showing that they are harmful. However, there was no clear scientific data that it was safe. The use of this pigment is now banned in the EU. The future of this timeless blue, with its classic appeal, is attracting much attention.

6) Green 7 (GREEN 7)
This is a green that uses the old-fashioned "GREEN 7" pigment, which is on the list of those banned under the REACH regulation newly enforced in the EU, along with the 15 series blue, and has recently become a topic of conversation. This ink contains a little white to make the color milder. The ripple effect of the EU's REACH regulation on the U.S. tattoo industry will be interesting to see how it affects the U.S. tattoo industry.

7) Dirty Green (DIRTY GREEN)
An olive green color made by adding black and green pigments to "El Dorado," a popular color in Solid Ink products. This is a highly versatile color that can be mixed with white and yellow to create the color "Jade".

This unique shade is a blend of red and heavy yellow without any orange pigment. The emphasis is on keeping the vivid and beautiful color on the skin for a long period of time, so that it does not fade away in sunlight as traditional orange does.

Coffee (COFFEE)
This shade does not contain brown pigment, which tends to fade easily, but is a very deep shade of brown. By skillfully blending red, yellow, green, and black pigments, a deep, dark color like black coffee is achieved.

A brighter, traditional red that is a blend of carefully selected red and pigmented yellow pigments. It has excellent resistance to sunlight and ultraviolet rays, and is calculated to leave a vivid red color on the skin that will not fade over the years.

Capacity: 60ml
・Vegan friendly (contains no animal-derived ingredients and is guaranteed not to be tested on animals)
・Product country: Made in the U.S.A.
*Ink bottles are made with opaque containers to avoid deterioration by light. Please note that it looks slightly whitish in the photo.

◎Solid Ink is a Miami-based ink manufacturer founded by tattooist Federico Ferroni.
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