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Ozer G - 0.30mm - Round Liner - Long taper

Ozer G - 0.30mm - Round Liner - Long taper


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This is a round liner from "OZER G TATTOO CARTRIDGES" that comes with a rubber finger ledge.
This is a long taper with a thickness of 0.30mm (#10) and a tip of 6.5mm, and you can choose from 3/5/7/9/11/14.

In response to the need to operate the machine by holding the cartridge, a rubber grip (finger ledge) is attached to the cartridge itself. Not only does it have a comfortable grip that fits your fingers, but the finger ledge absorbs shock, so you won't get tired even when using it for long periods of time, allowing you to concentrate on your work.

The material of the needle is 304 stainless steel, which is known as high-grade stainless steel. The bundle of needles is precisely assembled to achieve stable movement. The chip is made of medical grade clear plastic. It is designed to fit the type of needle and has a solid and stable feel.

In addition, the medium tension membrane, which is neither too hard nor too soft, is made of silicone with just the right amount of elasticity. The needle does not wobble during use and moves accurately, reducing the burden on the skin. Additionally, side vent holes ensure excellent ink flow.

Ozer G offers comfort, precision, and durability by selecting safe, high-quality materials. Above all, the combination of black and gold, which highlights its beauty, exudes a sense of luxury and allows clients to enjoy a luxurious time.

Type: Round liner (RL)
Needle thickness: 0.30mm (#10)
Taper: 6.5mm (long)
Number of needles: 3 needles/5 needles/7 needles/9 needles/11 needles/14 needles
Quantity: /20 pieces
EOG sterilized (individually wrapped)
*Cartridge needles are disposable products. Please dispose of it properly after use.

◎OZER TATTOO PRODUCTS is a rapidly growing tattoo supply company specializing in tattoo stencil products. Our team of talented experts combine their collective efforts to develop innovative products with a youthful spirit and dynamic approach.
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