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Panthera - Liner

Panthera - Liner


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Panthera, known for its wide selection of black inks, has developed Liner Ink in accordance with the REACH regulation, a new EU regulation on chemical substances aimed at protecting human health and the environment.
The viscosity of Liner Ink has been adjusted by our original formula. It is easy to apply evenly and expresses sharp and fine lines. The color is a vivid, deep black that does not turn bluish over time and maintains clear black lines.
It also contains no carcinogens and uses only pharmaceutical-grade raw materials, which allows the skin to heal faster.
To ensure the highest quality and safety, strict quality control ensures strict safety standards at each stage, right down to sterilization.

Capacity: 150 ml
Conforms to EU REACH regulation
Gamma sterilization
Vegan friendly (contains no animal-derived ingredients and is guaranteed not to be tested on animals)
Microbiological analysis of bacteria, molds, viruses, etc. can be performed for each production lot.
Made in Italy

Panthera is an Italian manufacturer that researches, develops and produces inks for tattooists who demand quality and safety. The company has been providing sterilized products made from carefully selected, pure raw materials that conform to EU and international standards.

Document: Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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