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Pepax Lance - 0.30mm - Liner- Long Taper

Pepax Lance - 0.30mm - Liner- Long Taper


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Needles Size

PEPAX cartridge needles are made of safe, high-quality materials. These are round liner, needle diameter is 0.35mm, and the tip is long taper.

Needles - Needles are made of surgical stainless steel made in Japan. It is strong, bend-resistant, and twice as durable as ordinary needles. It is ethylene oxide (EO) sterilized for hygiene.

▪ Shell ▪ The outer shell that wraps around the entire body is made of polycarbonate (PC), a safe and impact-resistant plastic material for medical use, rather than the more common polyvinyl chloride. The shape is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue caused by long hours of work. The outer surface is uneven in the shape of a fish bone to prevent slipping and to facilitate smooth needle exchange. A central ventilation hole in the center ensures a comfortable and consistent flow of ink.

The tip is a funnel shape with a wide opening at the top and a narrow, squished opening at the bottom. The tip is designed to store a large amount of ink and discharge it evenly, allowing for a long tattooing line.

Membrane and Stabilizer - The internal membrane (safety membrane) is made of highly adhesive rubber to prevent ink from flowing into the tube or machine. Also, a stabilizer is built into the round to suppress shaking and provide stability to the needle movement.

Square buckle - The square buckle design eliminates the risk of the needle slipping out of place when the cartridge is mounted.

Blister packs are individually packaged in a transparent plastic package that matches the shape of the product and protects the product from water, dust, and other contaminants.

Type:Round Liner(RL)
Needle thickness: 0.30mm (#10)
Taper: 5.5mm (long)
Number of needles: 3 needles/5 needles/7 needles
Quantity: 20/pkg/EO sterilized (individually packaged in blister packs)
Cartridge needles are disposable products. Please dispose of them correctly after use.

◎PEPAX (PEPAX) is a Chinese manufacturer that has been dealing with tattoo equipment since 2008. Behind every professional tattoo is the constant dedication of tattooists, from designing late at night to tattooing that lasts from a few hours to several days. We develop our products under the motto "Give Energy to Tattooing" in hopes of giving energy to this long process.

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