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Powerpack for Cobra

Powerpack for Cobra


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This power pack is specially designed for the InkMachines "Cobra" pen-type machine.

The body is made of durable aerospace-grade aluminum. An internal magnet securely attaches it to the Cobra machine.
When used as a standard stand-alone (stand-alone) power pack, power START/STOP, battery level check, and voltage settings are controlled by on-board buttons.
The battery indicator is green for normal, flashing red for less than 10% remaining. Voltage is adjusted in 0.2V increments with each press of the up/down arrow buttons.
The system can also be operated from a device by linking it to a wireless footswitch (sold separately) or a dedicated smartphone app. Multiple units can be combined to create a system of your choice.
The rechargeable battery has a capacity of 2760 mAh. It fully charges in about 90 minutes and supports about 5-8 hours of treatment. The charging method is by plugging in the USB-C port, or there is also a dedicated charging dock sold separately.

Voltage: 5 to 13V
Weight: 79g
Size: 35mm x 61mm
Battery capacity: 2760mAh
Battery life: Approx. 500 full charges
Operating temperature: 10̊C to 35̊C indoors only
Compatible only with Cobra.
User Manual (English version)

◎InkMachines is a Swedish tattoo supplier that develops, tests, and manufactures its own products in cooperation with professional tattoo artists.

Video Documentation: Power Pack Features

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