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Prep Stuff 8oz

Prep Stuff 8oz


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Prep Stuff is a sanitizer that cleans and sanitizes the skin prior to tattooing.
Simply spray the Prep Stuff onto the tattoo area before applying the tattoo stencil. The Prep Stuff sanitizes 99.9% of bacteria and microorganisms, including staphylococci, without removing any of the necessary oils from the skin.
The "Stencil Stuff" is then used to firmly establish the stencil on the skin.

If you are not satisfied with the stencil placement and wish to rearrange it, it can also be used as a stencil remover. After spraying on Prep Stuff and wiping off the stencil, the stencil can be reapplied.

Prep Stuff is non-toxic and can be used to safely prepare the client's skin. It is also vegan-friendly (contains no animal-derived ingredients and is guaranteed not to be tested on animals) and can be used with confidence.

Instructions for use.
Shake the bottle well before spraying.
Shake the bottle well before use.
When spraying as a sanitizer, rub in with gloved hands until the liquid dries.

Capacity: 226g
Manufacturer: Stencil Stuff®.
Country of manufacture: U.S.A.

Stencil Stuff® is a professional stencil product manufacturer founded by Mario Rosenau and Mike DeVries in 2005. With the goal of making tattoo stencil transfers sharper, sharper, cleaner, and longer lasting, they have developed a line of products that are safe for tattooing only, and have been improved upon by superior laboratories. It is now a must-have product in the tattoo industry.

Material: Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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