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ROVER R-1 Designed for Dan Kubin - Musotoku Battery Pack

ROVER R-1 Designed for Dan Kubin - Musotoku Battery Pack


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The new ROVER R-1/Dan model is a wireless battery specially designed in collaboration with MUSOTOKU and Dan Kubin. Functional, elegant and beautiful at the same time, it brings out the full potential of Dan's machine.

A clear difference from the regular ROVER R1 is the extended voltage range. It is now possible to reduce the output voltage down to 2.5V, adjustable in 0.1V increments. Of course, it is also 100% compatible with common tattoo machines from 5 to 12V, so it can be used normally with your pen machines.

The next important aspect is that the nitro (NITRO) function can now be set to ON or OFF at startup. The selected setting remains stored even when the battery is disconnected. In addition, the jump start, which temporarily increases output, has been improved to be adaptive. It is automatically adjusted to match the voltage, so the precision motor is not overloaded unnecessarily. A soft and smooth starting feeling is achieved while respecting motor speed.

Gold-plated RCA plugs are Amphenol armored models that are corrosion-resistant and durable. Twist-spring construction keeps it firmly in place and secure.

The battery is powered by an easily replaceable lithium-ion battery. It always provides stable power and does not lose power even when the battery is low. The system automatically stops when it can no longer send power. When this happens, simply replace the battery with a spare one, allowing non-stop treatment without worrying about remaining battery power. The battery is also removable so it can be carried on airplane travel.
*Please use a plastic wrap or other barrier during the treatment.

Voltage: 2.5V to 12V (adjustable in 0.1V increments)
Weight: 72g (including battery)
Size: 30mm x 69mm
Material: Aerospace aluminum
OLED display size: 0.49 inches
Operational status monitoring (health monitoring): 1,000 times/second
Battery: Standard lithium-ion 1835 flat (without projection)

Lithium-ion battery x 2 pcs.
Plastic battery case
USB compatible battery charger
Instruction manual

◎MUSOTOKU is a tattoo product and accessory manufacturer focused on long-lasting, high-performance products. Each product is carefully assembled by hand in our workshop in Madrid, Spain.

◎ Dan Kubin is an American tattooist who manufactures high performance, top quality rotary machines that combine beauty, performance, and innovation. Every machine is designed, engineered, and tested by Dan, and assembled by hand by his trusted team. Machines are typically sold only to licensed professional tattooists (or licensed studio workers) in order to protect the art and culture of tattooing.
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