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ROVER R-1 RCA - Musotoku Battery Pack

ROVER R-1 RCA - Musotoku Battery Pack


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MUSOTOKU has developed the ROVER R-1 RCA, a wireless battery for tattoo machines. This version is an excellent way to quickly and safely wireless your RCA terminal machine. The body is made of aerospace-grade aluminum. Compact and lightweight, it has a simple design typical of MUSOTOKU.

Equipped with a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged and used repeatedly, the power from the battery to the machine is always smooth and clean. Even when the battery is about to run out of power, the power will not decrease or the machine will not fluctuate as with other batteries. Regardless of the remaining battery level, the output level is maintained and the power is stable.
The machine automatically stops when it can no longer send stable power. Simply put, by always having a spare battery ready, you can perform non-stop treatments without worrying about remaining battery power.

[Operation Manual
Operation is quite simple. When changing batteries, push the lid around to open and close it. The lid is marked to ensure that it locks in the correct position. The lid has a magnet inside, and when the lid is removed, the battery can be taken out in an adsorbed state.
Press the red button in the center to turn it on. At startup, the nitro (NITRO) function temporarily increases the output power, allowing the machine to kick-start, even if the machine runs with a heavy motor or the cartridge is too stiff.

The voltage is adjusted with the up and down buttons on the left and right sides; settings can be made in 0.1V increments, and can be changed in 1V increments by pressing and holding the button.
To turn off the power, press and hold the red button. The display will show a 3-second countdown, during which time you must press and hold the button.

The battery can last approximately 7 hours. Battery consumption will vary depending on the size of the motor and needles in the machine, but turning the power on activates the power sensor, which displays the amount of power being consumed in points below the voltage reading. This is a guide to measuring battery life and power.
The set also comes with a charger and cord, so there is no need to buy new ones. The batteries are also removable so they can be carried on airplanes.
*Please use a wrap or other barrier during the treatment.

Voltage: 5V-12V (adjustable in 0.1V increments)
Weight: 72g (including battery)
Size: 30mm x 69mm
Battery size: 18350 flat top (no protrusion)
OLED display size: 0.49 inches
Health monitoring: 1,000 times/second

Lithium-ion battery x 2 pcs.
Battery case
USB compatible charger
Charger cable
Instruction manual
2 stickers

◎MUSOTOKU is a tattoo product and accessory manufacturer focused on long-lasting, high-performance products. Each product is carefully assembled by hand in our workshop in Madrid, Spain.

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