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Starburst Olive Green

Starburst Olive Green


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This is Olive Green from Starburst Colors, an original ink developed by Papillon.

Papillon has four tattoo ink brands, but Starburst has been manufactured and sold since 1995. The former name was Starbright, but the brand name and label design were changed in September 2023. Please be aware of this if you have been using Papillon ink as a classic of the past.
It is recommended that the ink be stored in a cool, low-humidity place away from sunlight.

Capacity: 30ml (1oz) / 60ml (2oz)
Color: Olive Green
- Sterilized
- Complies with the guidelines of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

◎ Papillon Supply & Mfg was founded in 1992 in Connecticut, USA. Continuing the legacy of its founder, Michael "Papillon" Nicholson (a.k.a. Papillon), the company is a family-run business that manufactures and sells tattoo inks.
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