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Sterile pack (roll type)

Sterile pack (roll type)


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This is a roll-type sterilization pack with a length of 200m. It can be freely cut to the required length for use without waste.
One side has a film that shows the contents, and the other side has a general structure of sterilized paper. Autoclavable indicator for sterilization status is included, and you can tell at a glance that the product has been sterilized by the color.
There are two widths, 55mm and 75mm, to choose from.

The roll type requires a sealer to seal the sterilized pack. For those who do not have a sealer, there is also a pouch type that can be easily sealed without a heat sealer.

Size: 55 mm wide (inner dimension 35 mm) x 200 m long
    Width 75mm (inner dimension 55mm) x Length 200m
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