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Stingray X2 - Blazing Gold

Stingray X2 - Blazing Gold


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Ink Machines' Stingray X2 (Dragonfly X2) is the perfect rotary machine for liner and color packers, developed with unique know-how learned from years of machine manufacturing. Despite its small size, it can be customized to your own preference.
Standard is a stainless steel cam with a 4 mm stroke. The newly developed desmodromic system allows the user to control the linear motion and needle speed by changing cams. There are four types of cams sold separately, and replacing them is easy with a special tool (No.90) sold separately.
To adjust the gib, rotate the cap. A new type of cap with a built-in damper to suppress vibration prevents clattering and noise at soft give settings. The damper can be removed when the give adjustment is not needed.
The retainer (fixing device) that prevents the needle bar from shaking should be replaced with a drop of the supplied oil or consider replacing the O-ring (sold separately) if you feel that the bearings are not slipping properly.
For power, the machine is equipped with both RCA cables and clip cords, and can be converted into a wireless machine by attaching an Ink Machines RPS-600 power supply. It can also use old-fashioned grips, tubes, and needles, but can easily be converted to cartridge needles. When using cartridges, the stay-up spring should be removed to avoid stress on the motor.
The ergonomic design of the X2 is surprisingly lightweight at only 85 g, yet it is powered by a high-performance, powerful Swiss-made X2 motor. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish for high durability.

Voltage: 0 to 13V DC
Weight: 85g
Body size: 95mm (length) x 21mm (width) x 77mm (height)
Power source: RCA cable/clip cord (max. 1.6mm) /wireless compatible (POWERPACK RPS-600)
Stroke: 4mm as standard equipment (interchangeable with optional cam)
・Max needle size: 25 Mag
◎Oil lubricant and hex wrench kit included

InkMachines is a Swedish tattoo supplier that develops, tests and manufactures its own products in cooperation with professional tattoo artists.

Stingray X2 - Blazing Gold (English)


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