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'Studies of the Floating World I' by Jan Willem

'Studies of the Floating World I' by Jan Willem


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Studies of the Floating World I by Jan Willem

Jan Willem is a tattoo artist and illustrator living in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands.
Jan Willem does not simply copy Ukiyo-e, but rather takes inspiration from the works of the Edo Ukiyo-e artists and gives them a modern twist.
As is evident from the series title "Studies of the Floating World," this book generously illustrates the creative process of Ukiyo-e as a motif for traditional Japanese tattooing. The book is divided into three parts, character sketches, line drawings, and paintings, to give readers a concrete approach to Jan Willem's Ukiyo-e.

Artist: Jan Willem
Creative Director: Nia Days
Editing: Holly X. Howard
Binding: Hardcover (linen, gold leaf print)
Number of pages: 152
Size: A5
Edition: 2nd printing
Publisher: Kaisar Kolektif
ISBN: 9789083023137

Kaisar Kolektif is a creative design agency founded and led by creative director Nia Days. The group of creatives operates from its headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
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