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TIM Thermal Copier made in Germany - black

TIM Thermal Copier made in Germany - black


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The next-generation thermal copier "TIM" developed by 3K Instruments is a reliable "Made in Germany" machine.
Utilizing infrared technology, it emits light at a higher speed than conventional thermal copiers. This enables clear stencil printing in a few seconds. It also features a unique sensor-controlled cooling system and a quick cool-down time (about 6 minutes). As a result, more stencils can be printed faster. In addition, power consumption can be reduced by 25%.
The machine is compatible with all styles of stencil paper, including Pilit (Spirit) stencil paper. Always use a carrier large enough for stencil printing. If the carrier becomes dirty or deformed, it must be replaced. The glass rollers are silicone coated and maintenance is easy if the carrier is used properly.
TIM is sized for studio installation. Please place it on a flat, heat-resistant surface and position it out of direct sunlight.

The thermal copier melts the wax in the dark areas of the original image and transfers it to the paper above under pressure. Since heat is absorbed and generated only in the dark areas of the original, a white background is suitable for the original. The carbon content is important to determine whether an original image is suitable for thermal copying, but it cannot be confirmed by the naked eye, so we have to rely on experience and independent testing.

Original images suitable for thermal copiers
Black-and-white copies made by ordinary copy machines
・Black-and-white photographs output by a laser printer (matte is more effective than glossy)
Some pencils and calligraphy pens

Original images not suitable for thermal copiers
Black-and-white photographs outputted by inkjet printers
Black-and-white photocopies output by inkjet printers using CMYK cartridges.
Sign pens, ballpoint pens, colored pencils
Letterpress and newspaper printing

Instruction Manual

Press the push button to open the maintenance hatch.
Using the supplied hexagonal wrench, loosen the two transport fixing screws indicated in red. It is not necessary to loosen them completely; half a turn is sufficient.
Connect the supplied cable to the appropriate socket. Turn on the main switch and the green LED on the front panel will light up. The machine is ready for copying.
The density of the stencil can be adjusted from 1 to 9 levels with the controller. A lower number produces a darker copy (dark) and a higher number produces a lighter copy (light).
Copying starts automatically when the original image and stencil paper are set between the carriers and inserted into the insertion slot on the front of the main unit.
A fan runs to release the heat generated during copying to cool the machine. Do not turn off the main switch until the cooling process is finished.

Press the orange switch inside to rotate the glass roller. If a piece of paper or stencil paper wax adheres to any of the internal components, remove it immediately.
Wax buildup should be cleaned with a non-flammable cleaner. Wiping with a lint-free cleaning cloth is most effective.
Weight: 6 kg
Body size: 420 mm (W) x 110 mm (H) x 177 mm (D)
Carrier size: 230 mm x 350 mm
Power consumption: approx. 1,000w
Voltage: 110v or 220v
Accessories: Power cord, hex wrench, 1 carrier, test stencil, user manual (English)

Under the slogan "Made in Germany," 3K Instruments is a Bavarian company specializing in the development, manufacture, and sale of electrotechnical equipment for thermal copiers and other special applications. The products are designed to be functional, safe, and reliable. Products are designed to be as simple and compact as possible without compromising functionality, safety, and modernity. They are also characterized by their own high quality standards, low failure rates and low maintenance requirements.

Manual (English)
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